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You Color my World


It's back to school time, which is kind of bittersweet for me. With my hubby being a schoolteacher, it always puts a damper on things when he has to go back, but its also when all of the office supplies go on sale which always makes me happy! It is kind of the gateway drug to scrapbooking after all! I have a slight obsession with all things crafty and officey (is that a word? haha). So it came as no surprise when last year during one of the creative memories Virtual crops (January of 2021) all I saw in the sketch was a batch of fun colored pencils! From that came this colorful, happy layout!

Featuring the Jan 21 virtual crop sketch 3

Supplies needed:


Light blue cardstock sheet

Six-1 ¾ x 9 ¼” strips of cardstock-one each in red, orange, goldenrod, dark green, blue, and eggplant

Three- 1 ¼” squares of light grey cardstock

One- ¾ x 12 strip of platinum shimmer

One- ½ x 12” strip of white where one 12” end is cut with the Victorian or deckle blade

One-6 ¼ x 12” strip of charcoal

Opt: small square of white lined paper about 2x 3 ½” for journal box

Die cut to decorate with

Tools: 12” trimmer with straight & deckle blades, optional Victorian blade

2 way corner rounder

Silver metallic dual-tip pen

Red, orange, black, green, blue, and purple pens

Foam squares

Tape runner

Repositionable tape runner

Microtip scissors


  1. Adhere the colored rectangles on the light blue cardstock starting at ½” from the left and 1 ¼” up from the bottom. Begin with red and adhere them against each other in ROYGBIV order.

  2. From the ¾” strip of platinum shimmer, Cut 6 strips that are 1 ¾” wide. Corner round the two longer edges of each platinum strip and attach the strips to the bottom of the pencil colors.

  3. From the white deckled strip, cut 6 strips that are 1 ¾” wide. Corner round the long edges (not the deckle side) and attach them on top of the platinum strips on the page. Add silver lines to the platinum shimmer that is peeking out to resemble pencil eraser holders.

  4. Place on of the light grey squares on your trimmer along the diagonal line so that the two corner points sit on the cut line. Change your blade to the deckle blade and cut the square in half, turning it into two triangles. Adhere to the top of the pencil colors.

  5. Repeat step 4 for the last two squares.

  6. Color the tips of the triangles as well as the end of the light blue paper so that the colors match up with the pencil colors and resemble scribble marks. Use black for the yellow pencil if you don’t have a yellow marker.

  7. Cut the charcoal into two 6 ¼ x 4 ¼” rectangles. Attach as shown on page with journaling box under the left photo mat.

  8. Add die cut and any other items as desired.


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