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Boho Chic Guitar


Today we are going to make a fun guitar using the mandala burst border punch and our custom cutting system!

​You will need the following supplies:

Boho escape tone on tone paper

​hot fudge cardstock

navy cardstock

boho escape stickers

silver dual tip pen

mandala burst border punch

two way corner rounder

13" mat

oval and circle custom cutting patterns

blue ccs blade


12" trimmer

tape runner

repositionable tape runner

precision point adhesive

foam squares

To create the guitar, you will start with the mandala punch:

1. Punch a border down one 12" end of the orange mandala tone on tone paper. Trim the border to 3x12 with your trimmer and then punch the other 12" side as well. Cut the finished border at 5". Set the rest aside to use for other projects.

2. Cut the border with the trimmer all the way down on both sides leaving the center (3/4") until you get to the last set of mandalas. Keep that set. It will not be straight, there will be some bumps from the edges of the mandalas you are cutting off, but that is good-it will create the neck of the guitar.

3. While you have the mandala punch out, you may want to go ahead and punch the white and coral leaf paper as well. Cut the paper to 3x12 and punch both 12" sides with the mandala punch. Cut the border in half lengthwise down the center so you get two 12" mandala borders. Save 6 of the punch poop pieces that look like seeds. Set them aside for later.

4. Now we will work with the guitar base, which is made from hot fudge cardstock. Lay the two smallest oval patterns on the cardstock and starting at the bottom with the larger oval trace it with a pencil. Overlap the smaller oval at the top of the pencil traced larger oval and create a guitar shape. Find the center of the top of the smaller oval and measure 3/4" from left and right to create the neck of the guitar. Measure up 1 1/2" from the top of the smaller oval and place a small mark. You will cut out the ovals and make a neck using the trimmer so it looks as shown above.

5. Cut a 3/4x1" piece of hot fudge and corner round one of the 1" edges to create the top of the guitar. Cut a 1/4x1" piece of hot fudge for the strings of the guitar.

6. Cut a circle from hot fudge cardstock using the smallest circle pattern inside blue blade.

7. You will assemble the guitar directly on the border.

To create the border:

1. Cut a piece of mint green mandala tone and tone paper 3 1/2x12".

2. Cut a piece of 2 1/2x12" navy cardstock.

3. Layer the white/coral mandala border behind the navy cardstock and on the mint piece.

4. Assemble the guitar with hot fudge base and orange mandala on top. Add the corner rounded hot fudge to the top of the guitar neck. Slide the little seed pieces that were punched out of the white mandala underneath, 3 on each side to create the top of the guitar. Use precision point adhesive to adhere them.

5. Center the hot fudge circle in the middle of the small oval over the orange mandala stem. Center the small 1/4x1" piece over the bottom mandala to create the string holder.

6. Use the silver dual tip pen to create the strings of the guitar.

7. Add stickers as shown in photo, popping up the let your soul shine and flower cluster with foam squares. Enjoy!

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