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Desk Calendar


Supplies needed:

1 sheet of cardstock

4x12 piece of designer paper

*I also added the Post it note pad & Pen to their gift

12” trimmer with straight and scoring blade

Tape runner

Microtip scissors

Corner rounder

Instructions: Cut your cardstock into two pieces. One will be 5 ¼x7”(the box front) & the second will be 4 ¼ x 10 ½” (the easel). Score the easel as shown below. Then score box front as shown. Cut out the top left and right corner as well as the small boxes in the center at the 4-4 ½ score lines as shown in photo two.

Cut designer paper into 3 ¾ x4” & a 2 ¼ x4” pieces.

Fold easel on all score lines.

Adhere ½” strip as shown in the photo to create an easel.

Corner round the top two corners of the easel.

Fold box on all score lines making sure to fold in tabs. Corner round the top corners of the box.

Corner round top corners of the 3 ¾”x4” designer paper and adhere to the inside of the box. Adhere second piece to the front of the box. Add adhesive to the inside tabs to close the box, then adhere box to the front of the easel.

Add calendar to box front and post it notes and pen to inside of box. ​

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Happy Crafting!

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