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Hoppy Easter


Easter Egg Lane Layout

Easter is my favorite holiday for so many reasons. As an adult, its a beautiful reminder of everything my Savior sacrificed for me and the hope and healing of the atonement and resurrection. As a child, my reasons were different though. I mean lets face it, a fluffy tailed cute little bunny bringing me candy and hiding it in lots of fun places is the best! Easter egg hunts are my all time favorite thing as anyone who knows me knows. I am all about the hiding, the surprises, and the finding of the eggs. Chocolate, gummies, and sometimes even money await the finder, what's not to love? To that end, I love this page because it brings the fun and whimsy of the holiday to your mind. I can't help but smile when I look at it. And, I now have the perfect pictures from our day of fun to print and put on the page!

Here is how I created this adorable layout: ​

Supplies needed:

2 sheets light blue cardstock for base of pages

White Cardstock

Botanical Burst papers-all 4 colors (you will be using scraps from each)

Grassland or Grass BMC or Tearing tool if you don’t have either punch

Black dual tip pen

13” mat

Oval & Circle CCS templates with Red and blue blades

12” trimmer with straight, scoring, wavy, and scallop blades

Repositionable Tape runner

Microtip scissors

Foam squares


Punch or tear 2 border strips of grass using the green plaid paper. Cut at 1 ¼”. Attach to the bottom of the layout without putting adhesive on the blades portion.


  1. Using the white cardstock sheet, cut a circle using the largest circle (#3) ccs template-outside red blade.

  2. Cut 2 white ovals using the largest oval (#7) ccs template-inside red blade.

  3. Using the textured pink paper, cut 2 pink ovals using the largest oval (#7) ccs template-inside blue blade and one pink oval using the second smallest oval (#5) ccs template-inside blue blade.

  4. Attach the larger pink ovals to the inside of the white ovals with tape runner.

  5. Attach bunny to page as shown. Fold down the right ear before attaching. Put a foam square under the fold when you attach it. Once it’s attached, cut off the edge where it overlaps the edge of the page.

  6. Add bunny nose and draw on eyes and whiskers.


  1. Cut one oval out of the yellow diamond flower paper using the smallest oval (#4)-outside blue blade.

  2. Cut one oval out of the white cardstock using the smallest oval (#4)-outside blue blade.

  3. Cut one oval out of the white cardstock using the second smallest oval (#5)-outside blue blade.

  4. Cut two ½” strips of 3 different patterns of yellow using the 12” trimmer wavy blade on both sides. Cover the smaller white oval with repositionable tape and lay wavy yellow strips on it vertically lining it up on the waves. Cut around oval shape with microtip scissors to remove excess paper.

  5. From one piece of blue and one piece of pink designer paper, cut two 12” strips as follows (this design technique is from Tammy McEwen): use the scallop blade to cut the edge, then use the scoring blade to score at the ½” mark, then use the straight blade to cut at 1 ¼”, slightly fold on the score line.

  6. Using repositionable tape, adhere along the entire length of all 4 scalloped strips between the score line and straight edge only. Adhere the first scored strip beginning at the edge of the strip and the bottom of the largest white oval. Adhere the alternate paper so that the scallop edge is just below the score line of the first strip. Continue with remaining strips to cover the entire oval, trimming to the oval shape as you go.

Add eggs to layout as shown using tape runner.

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