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Marty Christmoose

2/3/2022 A few years ago, Creative Memories had a collection called Sugarplum with a super adorable Moose embellishment. One thing my friends know about me is that when I do retreats I tend to create a "mascot" for myself for the weekend. This mascot tends to keep me motivated to get more done. One year it was a cow I named Daisy that was in a paper kit I was putting together, another year my mascot was a 3d sticker of a fun piggy bank that had a sweet little piggy face that I named Porky because the motivation was to feed the piggy. So back to my moose. I was at a retreat in Corolla, NC at a friend's beach house when this adorable Moose showed up in my supplies. I officially named him ​Marty. Yep, Marty Christmoose (I mean, come on, how could he not be a Marty?). This little guy sat at my table all weekend cheering me on as I made layout after layout.

This January, I was doing a crop with my tribe (if you don't know about our fun events, look up Dream Bigger Crafty Crew on Facebook or check the crops & events section of my website) and the theme was Happy Everything. Because really, why not celebrate all of the holidays in a weekend? I had a guest advisor that came down with the flu so I had to come up with something for Christmas in just a few days, and then it hit me! Marty! So I went to work creating a larger Marty that could be used as a border. Since I love you all, I am going to share with you how I made him here;)

Supplies needed: (all supplies are from unless otherwise noted) Joy to the World Embellishments ​bronze shimmer cardstock autumn hay shimmer cardstock hot fudge cardstock small scrap from pink botanical burst papers 12" trimmer with straight and scallop blades 13" mat circle & oval ccs templates ccs blades pencil micro tip scissors 2 way corner rounder white pen piece by piece punch foam squares tape runner repositionable tape runner 1. First, you will create Marty's head. Lay the bronze shimmer on the 13” mat and using the smallest oval, cut around the outside with the red blade but only cut about half way around the oval to create the top of the head. Lay the smallest circle so that the outside overlaps slightly and cut on the outside of the circle with the green blade starting where the oval cut ends and cutting to where the other end of the oval cut ends (see photos below). You will need to snip a little to connect the two cuts using your micro tip scissors.

2. Using leftover bronze shimmer, cut an oval using the smallest oval template on the outside with the red blade. Then use the same template to cut the two ends off to create ears as shown in the picture below. You may need to trim the edges of the ears a little bit to make them pointier.

3. To make the muzzle, you will cut a circle using the smallest circle outside green blade out of autumn hay shimmer. To make it more oblong, you will trim a small amount off the top of the circle using the same template and blade so that it kind of resembles a fat lemon. 4. Using a pink scrap from botanical burst papers, cut two circles from the inside of the smallest circles, blue blade to create his cheeks. 5. To make the antlers, cut a ¼ x 12” strip of hot fudge cardstock on the trimmer. Cut the strip into four 3” pieces. Set two aside and cut the other two into 4 equal pieces each. Adhere the 4 pieces to each of the other two 3” strips to make the antlers. Corner round the top of the antlers (you may not be able to cut through both pieces, use micro tip scissors to cut through it. 6. Punch 2 black and 2 bronze shimmer circles out of the piece by piece punch. The black ones will become eyes and the bronze shimmer his nostrils. 7. Assemble moose as shown without foam squares. Add white to his eyes with a white pen and use the brown or gold dual tip pen to create his smile. 8. Accessorize him with ornaments from the embellishment pack using foam squares. Add heart sequins to his cheeks. Here is a fun set of borders I added him to. If you would like directions on how to make the borders, please contact me to be added to our Dream Bigger events!

Happy Crafting!

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