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I am Enough




4 weeks


About the Course

I have always loved the quote "Change your thoughts. and you can change your world". The Beautiful You Workshop Series has been years in the making. It is not just a scrapbooking/album making class. It is my hope that by taking these courses, you will find peace and acceptance within yourself, find ways to continue to change the way you view your self worth, and create a life you love.

This workshop series is for everyone, whether you have scrapbooked before or are new to it, so please don't feel pressure to be perfect.

The workshop fee is $40. The first class is Thursday September 7 at 6:30 pm. We will decide as a community when subsequent classes will occur.

In the I am Enough Album Workshop we will work together as a community to create an album that is personal to you, that you can go to when life gets you down, a beautiful reminder of how valued you are.

Your Instructor

Rebekah Cowne

Rebekah Cowne
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